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Free Consultation

Consultations are always free and they are a great way to exchange ideas about your photo session.  You will talk directly with Evin, Allison or Laura and we will help you to design a session that reflects your style.  A planning session will ensure that you get beautiful images you will cherish for a lifetime.





Includes: Photo session and 1 retouched head & shoulder image on disc.  In studio only.



Session fee covers photographer’s time.



Non-commercial. Session fees cover the photographer’s time and travel expenses for the Houston area. Out of area fees are based on time and distance traveled.



Commercial photography rates are based on an hourly or daily rate.  A per photo image fee is based on the number of images required, and the end usage of images.  In-house post-production is available on all images.  Bids are customized on an individual basis as related to the nature of commercial work.


One time enrollment fee $50.  No session fees and incredible portrait discounts make Evin’s the most popular children’s photo club in Houston! Newborn to 18 years old, we create fun photo sessions for everyone. All of our images have beautiful color and the richness that EVIN THAYER portraits are known for, along with being economically priced to encourage parents to have their children photographed often.


Happy Clients

Charlotte Sherwood-Moore
"Evin, I can not say enough about your talent, charm and professionalism. You always take the time to capture the best in all of us. A very common question around our household is, “Who took those amazing photos?” We feel lucky to have you as an extended member of our family and look forward to creating many more memories together."

Charlotte Sherwood-Moore
Linda Lorelle
"Every time I step in front of Evin’s camera, I know I’m going to love the result. The photo he took with my 5 year old daughter’s arms wrapped around my neck completely captures the “Mommy love” I felt at the precise moment the camera clicked. It’s one of my all time favorites. Then some nine years later, he made me look oh, so glamorous in an evening gown photo for Health & Fitness Magazine.  Not bad for a mother with a teen aged daughter. Evin, you get all the credit."

Linda Lorelle
Dr. Carolyn Farb
When you think about having a photograph taken, you can feel confident that Evin Thayer will capture your unique spirit. Evin makes every session into a creative collaboration. Even though he has taken thousands of photographs, he approaches each new encounter as if it were his first. He never just takes a photograph – it is always an expression of his art.

Dr. Carolyn Farb
Jan Carson
"Evin is a true genius behind the lens. He captured the essence of my family in a warm, loving portrait that delights us very time we look at it."

Jan Carson