High School Senior Yearbook Photos and Houston Deadlines

Has your senior already taken their photos?

Yearbook deadlines for most Houston photography at area high schools is around mid September. So their isn’t much time to get these once in a lifetime photos.

We all know that senior photos are an iconic moment in our lives. They hang on the walls for years, sometimes decades. We look back and think “I really did look great, what was I complaining about?” We wish we could be that fit now!

Every senior deserves a portrait that he or she can be proud of. That really captures their personality and passions.


What style portraits does your senior want?

Every senior that comes to our studio is looking for individuality, they don’t want the standard photo that looks like everyone else. This is why we offer complimentary consultations, so that Evin can personally meet with your senior and find out their interests and what will make this portrait special to them.

They may want to have photos taken at their favorite hangout spot, at an outdoor green space, here at our studio or all of the above. Our kids all have unique personalities and we want you to have a true reflection of them at this time in their lives.

Know your school’s deadline and photo requirements!

Many schools have specifics and usually email them to you or send home instructions. If they haven’t given you anything, contact your school’s yearbook department before you book your session. Some have a particular look they require or sizing, you need these details before scheduling.


The Most Beautiful Artwork in Your Home… a portrait of your child

Looking at the walls in your home, the artwork hanging that will bring you a smile every time you walk past is the portrait of your child.

From that 1st birthday portrait, the adorable toothless grin of a 7 year old, and now the young adult smiling in their high school senior portrait… this is your baby growing up. It is a turning point in their life and yours. Let Evin create this once in a lifetime work of art that you will cherish forever and don’t worry… we will have plenty of tissues on hand for your tears of joy! For senior Houston photography call 713-524-0199 to talk to Evin today!

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