A Letter from Your Pets provided by Houston photograher Evin Thayer

Essentials for owning Humans:

  1. Cuddles every day; they need to feel loved
  2. Active Play; they sit in front of screens all day and need you to take them outside for fresh air
  3. Be sure that your human has a healthy diet; sample whenever possible
  4. Remind your human that riches are found through experiences and not possessions by occasionally hiding a coveted material item from them
  5. Though many times our humans feel awkward, you should still bring them in for Portraits at Evin Thayer Studios because Evin will make them look fabulous!Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Cat Photography; Dog Portraits; Pet PhotographyFun_Whimsical_Houston_Pet_PhotographyMy opening is light hearted but I know many families get pets during the holidays as a gift and you really do need to commit for life in your care for your animals, they certainly bond with you for life and look to you for all their needs.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Dog Portraits; Pet Photography Sadly many times a well meaning parent will give their child a puppy or kitten as a present and once the newness wears off the child puts their love and attention elsewhere. Many animals will act out when not given enough affection or attention (yes they can get depressed and bored too!), which can cause the family to see the animal not as a treasured member of the family but rather a burden they try to find a way to dump at a shelter. Houston area has a problem of massive magnitude but because it is “only animals” it doesn’t hit the news every day. Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Cat Photography; Pet Photography                                                                                                         Our city has made some great progress in the past decade to reduce the amount of animals that are being killed in our shelters but it is really up to every individual to help fix the problem instead of relying solely on government to do what we as citizens could be taking care of. So let’s all follow some basic actions this year and make 2016 a great year for animals in our beloved city:
    1. Start at home, get your own pets spayed or neutered!
    2. If you want a new pet, go to a local shelter to adopt your next pet; and remember puppies and kittens are cute but older animals need love too!
    3. We all have that kind hearted neighbor that can’t stand to let the stray cats go hungry and will feed them; help your well meaning neighbor out and rent a trap and get those cats fixed. The “Trap, Neuter, Return” policy works!
    4. We need to educate our communities. All around Houston there are many different spay and neuter programs and some are even So find what is available in your area and share it with your friends, neighbors, post it on the PTA forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc…                                                  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; artistic photography; Black and White Portraits; Outdoor Photography; Dog Portraits; Pet Photography



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