Baby Portraits, a Photography Guide from Newborn to Baby’s 1st Birthday

Houston Baby Photography; Baby portrait; Children Portraits; Birthday PhotosCongratulations, you’ve begun the most amazing journey of your life… parenthood! Right now you have many questions, so let us simplify at least one area… baby photography. Most of all, there is no right or wrong way; this is your family and we provide an experience tailored to fit your personal needs. Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Baby photography; Newborn Portraits; Black and White photography; The first thing we start with is a free consultation here at our studio, conveniently located near Downtown Houston. This gives you a chance to check out our studio, see the caliber of the photography on the walls, get an idea of the portrait sizing you’ll need, and you also get to know Evin; having a good rapport with your photographer is THE key element to making your photo session relaxed and fun! During the consultation Evin will discuss ideas, what will work best for your baby, posing, clothing, and he will give you tips to help make your photo session a stress-free and endearing experience that you will cherish forever. Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Baby photography; Children Portraits; Birthday Club PhotosEvin can also come to your home if you prefer; many times this is necessary for preemie babies when the doctor has recommended no outings just yet. Below is a general guideline of when many of our clients choose to take portraits and timelines can be tailored to suit your needs.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Baby photography; Maternity Portraits;

  • Maternity –generally done around the 8th month mark. You want your baby bump to really be showing but many women start to feel very uncomfortable the last few weeks of pregnancy, so we usually aim for weeks 34 – 36. But every pregnancy is different, the woman featured here was photographed the day before her due date (but then of course her little princess came almost 2 weeks late)
  • Newborn – Day 5 to 14. This is a really good time to show how incredibly tiny they are. newborn_baby_photographyPhotographing them cradled in their parent’s arms is a very personal work of art. We also love to incorporate family heirlooms such as a rattle, special lovey or blanket.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photographer; Baby photography; Children Portraits; Birthday Club Photos;
  • 3 months – Babies have usually got that sweet chubby cherub look by this time. This is also around the time we start doing photos with christening gowns and other beautiful clothing.
  • 6 months – Many babies are sitting up well around now, so it’s a great time to incorporate toys, flowers, and other props of your choosing.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Baptism Portrait; Baby photography; Children Portraits; Birthday Club Photos
  • 9 months – At this point their curiosity is in full bloom, and they are mobile and wanting to crawl everywhere; we take a photo then place them back, take another, etc. It is a really fantastic time because we get so many of those adorable expressions that are unique to each child.
  • 1st Birthday! – This is a major milestone photo, iconic since photography first began. We can usually showcase them standing, sometimes even walking… but then with the grand finale of the always entertaining cake smash, every child reacts differently and it is always great to see their individual personality captured in beautiful portraits.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Cake Smash Photo; Baby photography; Children Portraits; Birthday Club Photos; First birthday cake portrait;

Please call our studio with any questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation with Evin at 713-524-0199. If you’re ever concerned about the expense of portraits or ask yourself “Is it worth it?” know that these photos will be around for generations and will be some of your family’s most treasured possessions. I cherish my mother’s first birthday portrait from 1919, check it out below next to her 90th birthday cake photo, makes me smile every time I see it! Houston Photography; Baby portrait; Birthday Photos; Then and Now photo;



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