Communicating Love in Our Modern Society with Photo Holiday Cards

With today’s modern technology, it should be easier than ever to stay in touch with our loved ones but sadly, many people around the world feel even more isolated then ever before. And because much of today’s communication is so fast food style, we lose a lot of the feelings we are trying to convey. Grandma may be hip to texting with emojis now but she longs to find a letter or card in her mailbox. Honestly, I think all of us are feeling nostalgic and would appreciate receiving something that brightens our day. So why not send some holiday cheer to those you care about with a beautiful custom photo holiday card from your favorite Houston photographer!

Many use the excuse that personalized photo holiday cards are just too expensive but with Evin Thayer Studios’ custom portrait cards you can spend as little as $3 per card. I just spent $7 on a generic birthday card at Walgreens, so you tell me… which is the better deal? I get some beautiful holiday cards around Christmas time, but the ones I never throw away are the ones with photos of my friends and family on them. I love seeing those smiling faces through the years and watching the kids grown up. I feel honored to receive these personalized Christmas cards, and I feel like I am a part of their family.

With options from flat cards, square, 5×7 folded, even unusual sizes like 5×5 trifolds and 7 different paper card stocks, the possibilities are endless! We have an onsite creative staff working directly with Evin to create something truly unique for you this holiday season. For those who want to send out holiday cards this year but can’t seem to come up with ideas, this is exactly why you hire Evin! Let Evin remove the stress, he is a true artist that can create something that suits your style perfectly. Whether you want traditional, whimsical, contemporary, etc… Evin is your Houston photographer that delivers that unique once in a lifetime work of art!

*HOLIDAY CARD SPECIAL* -Don’t delay because if you order your holiday cards before October 31st you’ll receive 15% off your card order just by mentioning this special! Call 713-524-0199 today!



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