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So much has changed in the last decade when it comes to dating and human interaction in general. And whether we like it or not the Internet has become a primary tool for meeting new people. So how does one navigate these dating waters without feeling like a dinghy competing with yachts? First and foremost respect yourself, love yourself, be happy with you and don’t compromise on your needs. You have life goals and ultimately you are looking for a partner who will support your self-journey in this life. By loving yourself first you know that no one makes someone else happy, happiness comes from within. But the wrong person can sure make you miserable if you allow them to.Dating Website Photos; Studio Photography; Evin Thayer Photography; Womens Photography; Houston Photography; Putting yourself out there on display can be intimidating. You want to represent yourself accurately but in a flattering way. This is where a professional photographer can really make the difference. Whether you are going through a dating service website or you just want your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to have a polished look, having professional looking photos can make a big difference in how others view you. Your online presence should exude happiness and confidence.Dating Website Photos; Studio Photography; Evin Thayer Photography; Mens Photography; Houston Photography; Here are a few dating website photos tips that I have found successful for my clients:

  • Keep the photo simple so that all the focus is on you. This means uncluttered backgrounds and avoiding busy patterned clothing.
  • Have a variety of photos if possible; let the photos showcase different aspects of your hobbies and interests. Examples: If you like to bicycle then lets take a photo outside with you and your bike. Have a photo with your pet(s). Whatever you are passionate about let’s capture that!
  • Don’t force a huge smile, we want to highlight your natural expression but at the same time you want to look happy, relaxed and confident!
  • Don’t do anything drastic with your hair or makeup right before photos. It needs to be an accurate representation of you and your style.
  • Don’t stress over some acne or a little extra weight from all the holiday parties, we do touchups on all the photos using the latest postproduction technology. I promise you will love the final results.
  • Have a meeting ahead of time to plan out photography locations, backgrounds, clothing, etc.… This also gives me an opportunity to get to know your personality so I can customize this photo session to be as unique as you are. Consultations are free, so call to schedule yours 713-524-0199Dating Website Photos; Studio Photography; Evin Thayer Photography; LinkedIn Profile Photos; Houston Photography;



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