I have been doing the photography for the cover for Houston Pet Talk Magazine for a number of years.  Over time I have gotten to meet a lot of people that are pet lovers.  I have found some people have gravitated more toward cats, while others toward dogs.  Each species is interesting and lovable in their own way!  I am one of those people who actually have had both a cat and a dog.  After my dog Tobby passed away a few years ago, I was pet less for a few years. This year I decided to adopt a cat named Hunter from an animal rescue organization called HOPE.  I call him a Cat/Dog (laugh)  Why?  Yes… he is a cat but he is a Dog like Cat.  He follows me everywhere and has to be right next to me at all times.  He even comes to me when I call him!  I found him yesterday lying on his back, legs stretched out like a dog.  I really lucked out with this cat.  He is funny, smart & affectionate!  Hunter is a male cat, which I understand from experts bond better than females.  Having had both, I would be inclined to agree! Now the difference between dogs and cats is that with dogs, they are there to try to please you, where cats feel you are there to please them (laugh again).  Okay, so now I  have to find a dog that pleases the cat!  Any suggestions?