How do you plan to enjoy your Professional Family Photography?

Family Gallery Wall

Beginning with the end in mind: How do you plan to enjoy your professional family photography?

It’s important to us that you are able to enjoy your beautiful photographs each and every day. This requires just a bit of teamwork between you and your Houston professional family photography team.  When you have clear vision of how you plan enjoy your photos, it helps us plan how to make that happen—and keeps the photos from sitting in a dusty drawer or on an unused USB.

How do we plan for your perfect family photo session?

It’s all about the pre-session consultation! It’s when we all sit down together and discuss all the options for preserving, displaying, and enjoying your professional family photography.

For example, are you envisioning something big and bold over the fireplace? Or maybe it’s more of a coffee table album you can flip through with the kids, over the years? How about a multi-image wall gallery that you can add to as the children grow?  These are all things we can help you figure out and plan for.

With the power of super special, fancy software, we can show you exactly what a beautiful framed family photo would look like over the couch! Simply send us a photo of that wall and voila(!) we can show you what the artwork will look like as if it were there! This also helps make sure you purchase the correct size for the space—not too big and not too small.

Here’s how it works:
  1. The consultation – We want to get to know you! What makes your family tick?  What are the kids’ personalities like? What are they into? Do you have something special you want to bring to the session? What kind of music do you like? What type of clothing do you want to wear? Any other questions you might have will be answered in this consultation at this consultation as well. This way we can fully prepare to capture the true essence and authenticity of you and your family.
  2. The session – We’ve done a great job planning so now we can relax and have a fun session. We are on “kid time” here so if they need extra time to warm up or have a snack, no problem. As moms ourselves, we totally get it!
  3. The view and order appointment – You have the option to schedule this appointment right after your shoot, or to come back another time – whatever works best for your schedule. This is where you get to see your photos on your walls! Ooh la la! This is also where the goals we set during the initial consultation will make sure we achieve exactly what you want for your family portraits.
  4. Delivery and Installation – Most of our clients that order artwork for their walls prefer to have their portraits delivered and installed in their homes. Our professional installer will come about 4-6 weeks after you place your order and make sure your portraits are hung exactly as we envisioned.
  5. Enjoy! Sit back and take credit for creating those beautiful humans that are your children and enjoy seeing the people you love on the walls of your home.
  6. Long Term Planning – Our portraits and collections are designed to look good now AND be able to move throughout your home as we add to your family art collection over time. What’s that? You’re ready to plan the next session already? Sounds great. We’ll be ready for you! 


Ready to start planning?  Schedule your in-home consultation today!



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