Flood Damage to Your Photos and Houston Photo Restoration

With Hurricane Harvey we have received many calls from clients worried sick about what to do now that their portraits and albums have gotten wet from the Houston area flooding. Most important thing to do immediately is separate all photos and let them dry so that they do not stick together. This applies to framed photos and albums as well. Take photos out of their frames or albums and let them dry separately, as once a photo dries and adheres to another surface it is incredibly hard to separate them without damage.

Most people calling this week are at the point where things have dried out and they are finding water damage has occurred. It is best to bring your items in to our studio and meet directly with Evin Thayer. He can assess what repairs could be made and give you photo restoration quotes. These are all case by case basis depending on the extent of work that is needed so we are unable to quote over the phone. Our studio is open Tuesday through Saturday and we are located near Downtown Houston off of Westheimer, so call 713-524-0199 to schedule a time for Evin to review your photos and albums with you.

This blog contains a handful of the many restorative projects Evin has worked on. Many times a treasured family photo is no larger than a wallet size, but because the portrait has so much meaning to the family they want to restore the photo and enlarge it to wall portrait size. As you can see many of these photos have a lot of damage through the years, damage from moisture, heat or just poor handling, but many times Evin can do miraculous work in restoring these portraits to their former glory.


One important thing Evin has been cautioning people against is shipping their precious portraits to any old cheapo photo restoration company they’ve stumbled upon via the Internet. You’ll want to be confident both in that no further damage occurs and that your precious memories aren’t lost in the mail.

Meeting one on one with your local independent businesses for this type of work is not just to your benefit, but whether it be for your Houston photographer, new furniture, artwork, flooring, or any of your other recovery needs, when you buy local, you are making our local Houston economy strong again and helping all those small businesses that were also hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.



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