Houston Family Portraits Through The Years

The other day someone asked me if I still like my career in photography after being in business for over 35 years. My reply was “No, I don’t like it… I love it!” My job is great because of incredible clients that make it a joy to come to my studio every day. I feel like most days it is not work at all, just enjoying a visit with friends and catching up on what has happened in their lives since the last time I saw them. I especially love seeing the children grow and hearing about their new favorite things they are into and learning. They inspire me to greet each day with the excitement of a child and to experience everything with a sense of wonder and to never stop learning! I love looking back at family portraits I’ve taken through the years and knowing that precious moment is captured and framed for a lifetime on that family’s wall. I realize the importance of what I do and I am humbled. Looking back, I am so grateful my father took so many photos of our family and I treasure those, although I do laugh now at how much I look like my dad! Parents love to photograph their children every year but it’s easy to overlook that family portraits aren’t just a gift to themselves; one day it’ll be our own kids will love to looking back at photos of us, saying “Wow, Dad was styling at 40!” or “Mom, were you really able to walk in those shoes!?!” But seriously, everyone loves the photos of the whole family together (even if we do laugh at our ridiculous hairstyles through the years).Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Family photography; Black and White Photography; Family Portraits; Here is one family I have photographed through the years. The first photo is from over a decade ago. The children were so cute and the whole family really had a lot of fun, but as you can see in the more recent photo…they are still having fun after all these years. I love their joyful expression, and also they picked a very timeless style with the white shirts and jeans, which is still probably one of the most popular choices for family photos because it is clean, simple easy to coordinate, as most people have these as a staple in their wardrobe already. Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Family Portraits; Contemporary Family Phortraits;Many families have me come to their homes to infuse a little added tradition and distinction to their portraits; some opt for the vitality and free spirit of outdoor family photography, but even right here in the historic building of our studio, the options are endless. Ultimately, whatever setting you find yourself drawn to, the goal is to have beautiful timeless portraits that capture your family’s unique personalities. So call my studio today or even schedule a time to stop by for a free consultation, phone 713-524-0199. We are still located at 405 Avondale Street, just off Westheimer, near Downtown Houston.



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