Holiday Values In Pet Talk Magazine

The holiday issue of Houston Pet Talk Magazine features notable people who live here in Houston and they have written very touching words about values. Timely messages for the season and year round.

The day I took these photos was beautiful weather.  I have a few notes about the photo session.  Ameer Jumabhoy is an excellent polo player and conversationalist.   I talked with him about his views of our wonderful city… He should be a spokesperson for all the beauty in our people and city here in Houston.  Bryan Braman, the NFL football player for the Houston Texans, is very tall!  At 6′ 5″ he is a very big man with an even bigger heart.  Shara Fryer is forever beautiful, always sincere and elegant.  Dr. Brian Beale is a hometown hero for all Houston animals.  Casey Curry is the Meteorologist for ABC 13 and her personality can brighten any day.  Jonathan Tinkle is a young Fashion Designer that has founded Jonathan Blake clothing line and if you haven’t seen his designs yet.. you will very soon! Cindi Harwood Rose is always reaching out in the community and I know we all appreciate the great work being done by The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation that Cindi founded for cancer survivors.  The great love Michelle Mantor has for all animals is displayed in every issue of Houston Pet Talk Magazine.  Thank you Michelle for continuing to bring awareness to our community about the needs of not just our pets but all animals.

So please stop by Evin Thayer Studios to pick up your free copy or view the magazine online at Ameer Jumabhoy polo playerBryan Braman NFL football player with the Houston TexansShara Fryer news anchor with 740 AM KTRH morning newsDr. Brian Beale Veterinarian at Gulf Coast Veterinary SpecialsCasey Curry Meteorologist for ABC 13Jonathan Tinkle Fashion DesignerCindi Rose is an artist and co-founder of Rose Ribbon FoundationMichelle Mantor is the publisher and editor of Houston Pet Talk Magazine



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