How often do you update your profile pictures?

If it’s been so long you can’t remember when you last changed your Facebook profile picture, LinkedIn, Twitter, professional website or other social media profile picture, then it’s been too long.  It is fun to do a #throwbackthursday photo once in awhile but your photo should reflect what you currently look like. Take for example this stunning photo of myself; now I know that it may look like I dressed like Ron Burgundy for a Halloween party but in reality that was a genuine professional portrait that I used awhile back… hey that mustache was stylin’ back then!

Houston Photographer

And we all have these type of photos that at that time were a hip contemporary look. But clothes designs change (80’s shoulder pads anyone?), hairstyles come and go (although here in Houston Texas I still see a random mullet in all its epic glory) and makeup styles change every season… so odds are you may not be as current as you would like. So why not take advantage of my special priced professional portrait session for only $175?

Here are the details:

  • 30 minute Professional Portrait Session (one person, photos from the waist up) photography captured personally by me, Evin Thayer. I’ve been a Houston photographer for over 40 years and experience counts!
  • One image with downloadable link or on disc
  • Image will have complimentary touch ups; stray hairs, soften facial lines, dark under eye circles, etc… It still looks like you currently, just the most well rested looking version of yourself.

Here are some photography tips on having a great portrait session:

  • Do pick a time of day that you feel your best because not everyone rolls out of bed with a photo ready feeling but some feel the most refreshed in the morning.
  • Don’t do a drastic cut or color the day before your photos, you want to wear your hair how you normally would.
  • Same goes for makeup, keep it looking like you. But if you want to get a pampered feel then treat yourself to having your hair or makeup professionally done, just make sure you are clear about the look you want.
  • Men please have a fresh shave or manicured facial hair, 5 o’clock shadow happens earlier than 5pm for some men.
  • Clothing is a personal choice but I always recommend avoiding busy patterns, you want people to notice your face before your tie or blouse.

Houston Photographers Houston Photographer Houston Photographer Houston Photographers Houston Photographers Houston Photographers

As a Houston photographer, Evin Thayer can create a self portrait that can help you stand out from the crowd. 



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