Exceptional High School Senior

I am amazed at the maturity level of some of the high school students I meet.  One of these being a young woman I recently photographed for high school senior portraits, Senior-Photoher name is Lauryn Nicole Emmitte.  At seventeen years old she has a greater understanding and appreciation for life’s possibilities than a lot of supposed ‘grown ups’ I know. Lauryn participates in several school clubs such as the National Honor Society, the Leadership Training Institute, BETA (she is their Vice President), and Art.  She also loves sports and has been involved in five school sports—volleyball, soccer, track, cross country, and golf.  Her drive, will, and passion to be the very best student she can be is incredible and I am proud to say that Lauryn has a 4.0 GPA and is ranked 6th in her class!High-School-Senior On the weekends, she enjoys volunteering her time to serving others.  She spends her time in homeless shelters in Houston to give encouragement to the needy and provide happiness to those who need it most.        Another organization that she serves at is the Children’s Assessment Center.  This is an organization that helps sexually abused children in Harris County.  Lauryn says that children are her passion, and it makes her happy to know that she can make a difference in an unfortunate child’s life on any given day of the week. Extracurricular activities take up the majority of her time. However, any extra moment she’s not doing homework or spending time with friends she is doing art. Over the years she has received over twenty awards including five consecutive state titles and several district championships as well as becoming the editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook. Lauryn says she feels extremely blessed to have the talents that God has given her.  He has provided her with parents that love and care about her enough to support her in everything that she does.  She has learned that perseverance, strength, and a good attitude all contribute to success on and off the field.  Her goals for the future are to attend Texas A&M University and graduate with a Business degree. Here at Evin Thayer Studios we love to feature these exceptional students.  Through the years Evin has served on several scholarship committees and he is constantly impressed at the level of achievement and compassion that he sees in the youth of today.  Evin has no doubt that America’s future is bright with young leaders like Lauryn.

It is NOW Senior time here at Evin Thayer Studios.

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