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Houston Photographer, Houston Family Photographers

The images that your photographer creates for you will be around for a long time! When you put it in that perspective, you realize that you want the images created to be a good as they can. That’s why you hire someone like Evin Thayer, Houston photographer. He has 40 years of experience as a Houston photographer. Evin has photographed for multiple magazines over the years as well as fashion shoots for department stores and thousands of Texas families. With this kind of creative experience you can hire Evin for your family photography session knowing the results will be excellent and a portrait that will save many cherished memories.

Houston Photographer, Houston Family Photographers

Houston Photographer, Houston Family Photographers

Houston Photographer, Houston Family Photographers

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Of course everyone wants to know if Evin is affordable for his or her family photography. I will admit that his charges are not in the 100 photos for $99 category. However, when you factor in our years of talented experience, photo sessions exclusively tailored around your specific style, and that each image is retouched to perfection, resulting in treasured works of art that last a lifetime, then desk-sized photos starting at around $300 and wall size portraits starting around $700 ultimately emerge as the superior bargain. So when selecting a Houston photographer to create those once in a lifetime portraits of your family, children or pets, know that experience counts and we promise you will love your Evin Thayer portraits!



Are you getting the best deal?

I had a sales person in the studio the other day wanting to have a business headshot. When I gave him the price he told me he could go down the street and get it done for $20 less. I said, “Why don’t you?” He said, “I already did, but I didn’t like the results.” My reply was “Well then which was the better deal? The cheaper one that you did not like or my professional portrait that you loved?” Truly there wasn’t that much difference in price and a great difference in quality. Your professional image is important! Don’t cheap out. These days your clients are image savvy and the materials you put out to the public say a lot about your professionalism.

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