Shared hobby or interest with Dad

We are always touched when we hear about a special hobby or interest that dads and their children share together. Many times I get the honor of capturing that shared love with some amazing family photography.



I’ve had the pleasure of creating some beautifully unique Father’s Day portraits at my Houston photography studio and all around the Houston area. Through the years, I’ve photographed a father and son painting together, a three-generation fishing trip, a father and daughter dancing elegantly across the studio, Dad getting hustled by his little darlings at the pool table, and even one seriously intense chess game! And so many others; it seems Houston families’ interests are as unique as the families themselves. Next month I am photographing a father with his sons fishing at the pond on their ranch. I can already tell that we’ll have a wonderful time photographing these special bonding moments (and hopefully catching some fish)!

Whatever the activity or hobby may be, the most fun and rewarding part of the experience is successfully capturing the subtle nuances of genuine familial connection that so many portraits lack. Sure, everyone yearns for that picture perfect family portrait hanging over the mantle, but it’s those shots lining the hallway with laughter and silliness bring out character and warmth, telling the real story and history of what made your house a home. Those are the ones that everyone continues to talk about through the years.

Because life is built on those special little moments that carry so much love, why not let me create something unique for the Dad in your life? Let’s go to your favorite golf course, park, beach spot or just the comfort of your own home. This Father’s Day photo gift will mean so much to him through the years, and besides… doesn’t Dad have enough ties?

So call me and let’s talk about your ideas and vision. We can meet over coffee and tea at my Houston photography studio or your home. Let’s capture those once in a lifetime memories! 713-524-0199

Ps. If you want this to be a surprise Father’s Day present, we can schedule the photo session in advance or create a beautiful gift certificate just for Dad.



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