Do you offer digital copies of the portraits

You’re searching for the best Houston photographer for your family and you know the importance of researching so that you get a quality portrait that will last for generations. Before interviewing potential photographers you make a list of what is important to you and your family. Whether you have small children or pets, you want to preview the photographer’s online gallery to ensure they feature beautiful portraits that capture the look you are hoping for. If you do not see small children, pets, etc… in sample photos then possibly that is not the photographer’s specialty. Similarly if you want a contemporary studio setting or portrait in your home, confirm they have the look you seek.

Once you’ve found your top photographers that feature the look and feel you desire, now you interview. Schedule an appointment to view their studio and meet one on one with the photographer. This allows you to view all the products they may offer and to get a sense of their personality. You should feel at ease and welcomed by your potential Houston photographer.

Do you envision your family portrait hanging over your fireplace in an elegant watercolor, handsome canvas or modern contemporary finish? Or maybe you aren’t certain what you want but have heard from others that you should get the digital copies. There are many photographers that supply digital copies of all the images and their clients feel like they are getting a good deal but in reality are only receiving a half finished job. Sadly too many families have received low quality digital images, that when they went to print it they discovered it was too dark, colors were off or the resolution was so low that even a 5×7 looked fuzzy. Any good photographer will tell you the final printed image they provide to you has been carefully calibrated to provide the sharpest detail and superb color quality with possibly hours of production work to produce your one of a kind work of art. The craftsmanship is seen in the final printed portrait. But what if you insist that you want to print the photos yourself? As masterful photographers our reputation and livelihood is based on the quality portraits people see. If you go and print a copy yourself and it comes out dark or off color then others may see that portrait and judge us by the inferior printing, we can not stake our career on this sort of operation.

“But can we purchase the digital images or not?” My question back to you is, why do you want the digital copy? If your answer is so that you can go print 4×6 copies for your family then the answer is no. The same rules apply, we do not want your family members receiving low quality prints. We do however offer discounts for duplicate portraits you order from us and those can be a major savings. But we understand that in today’s digital age everyone, even grandmother, is tech savvy and online ready to view any photos you post or share on social media. So the answer is yes, for social media purposes you can order a digital copy of portraits you’ve purchased.

Ultimately what will have lasting value to your family for generations is fine portraiture hanging on the wall, sitting on a bookshelf or exquisitely displayed in a custom photo album. These heirlooms capture memories to be shared time and time again, don’t try to pinch pennies at the expense of quality. Let your family’s portrait shine as a true work of art!



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