Ranches and Beaches and Backyards, Oh My!

Black and white portraits; Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Child Photography; Outdoor Portraits; Beach Portraits;Let’s create an artwork that is original to your family. What do you do for fun? What are some activities that really capture your family? Do you have a favorite outdoor spot you like to visit? My camera and I travel all over the place and love to create unique one of a kind portraits for families. So whether it is at the family ranch, beach house, dog park, horse stables, or just on your patio eating snow cones, let’s have some fun telling your family story!Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Childrens Photography; Outdoor Portraits;   I know most families take summer vacations or the kids are in camp but really you aren’t completely booked up every second of the summer. So make time for what’s important and put aside two hours to have your children or the whole family professionally photographed. These summer moments you’ll want to cherish forever and to relive again with these memorable photographs.   My coffee table photo art books are one of my hottest items and families are loving the option to have so many images put into a book that showcases everything from posed family photos, whimsical action shots to heart warming tender moments such as a simple hug. All these little moments add up to a timeless work of art that everyone will gather around at the holidays to share time and time again.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Childrens Photography; Outdoor Portraits;   I still enjoy looking at my family photos and albums. I love the photo of my dad being pulled on a cart by a goat right in the location of what is now the Galleria! Or me with my first bicycle at Christmas. And my grandmother’s portrait of her in her World War I uniform. These photos make me smile. And looking at photos of my dad in his younger years, I’m just shocked at how much I look like him! Your kids will do the same thing in the years to come, so make sure they have awesome photos of you too!   So call my photography studio at 713-524-0199 and schedule a time to talk about your ideas or let me help you come up with something incredible. Let’s make your summer portraits something you and generations to come will cherish!Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Family Photography; Outdoor Portraits; Family Beach Photos; Portraits in Galveston;



Outdoor family portraits in January? It's Houston... 🤣take advantage of our randomly gorgeous January weather days! ☀️ ...

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