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Outdoor senior girl photoshoot at Houston Mural Walls

Professional Senior photoshoot: Calling all Graduates!

In studio senior boy photoshoot casual wear black and whiteAs a parent, there are going to be those special moments in your child’s life. Ones that you want to freeze in time forever. Sure, you could take a quick snap of your senior’s graduation on your phone. However, having a professional senior photoshoot is a real commemoration and celebration of your senior’s achievements.

Every senior who comes to our studio is looking for uniqueness. They don’t want the standard photo that looks like everyone else. They want to stand out, show who they really are and what they plan to do. This is why we offer complimentary consultations. We do this so we can personally meet with your seniors to find out their interests and what will make this portrait special to them. We are among the best Houston Senior Photographers!

They may want to have photos taken at their favorite coffee shop, at an outdoor green space, here at our studio, or all of the above. Our kids all have unique personalities. So we want you to have a true reflection of them at this time in their lives. Whatever their interests or hobbies, let’s incorporate them to really showcase your senior’s personality.

Come to us for your Professional Senior Photoshoot

Looking at the walls in your home you’ll find the artwork hanging there which brings a smile to you every time you walk past it is the portrait of your child. From that 1st birthday portrait, the adorable toothless grin of a 7-year-old, and now the young adult smiling in their high school senior portrait. These all show your baby growing up. It is a turning point in their life and yours. Let Allison Wilkins at Evin Thayer Studios create this once-in-a-lifetime work of art. One that you will cherish forever and don’t worry, we will have plenty of tissues on hand for your tears of joy!

Allison is renowned for her modern style of photography. Not only that but being able to convey unique personalities through fun and playful photoshoots. For your senior’s graduation photoshoot, Allison will collaborate with your senior to plan out a suitable wardrobe. This will help them feel relaxed and open during their photoshoot.

We Will Take Care Of It All

Indoor senior girl photoshoot wearing prom dressFrom wardrobe to location, we will work with you and your senior to plan out a graduation shoot that is worth remembering. It can be a daunting, sometimes awkward experience having a photoshoot entirely focused on one person. Also, not all kids are comfortable being in the limelight. So instead of forcing your child into big, flamboyant shoots, our photographers will capture the real personality of your senior.

Whether your child is graduating from high school or college, they are going to be grateful to have photos to look back on of their friends and family. Incorporating those your child is close with (friends, family, even pets) into their graduation shoot will help to make the photoshoot feel more genuine and emotional.

Do not worry though, our photographers will ensure that your senior remains the star of the shoot!

Contact us to schedule your high school senior consultation!


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