Houstonians united as one in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

There are no words to express what all of the Houston area has seen and experienced with Hurricane Harvey. We are devastated. I have faith in the people of our community. Houstonians shine brightest when faced with adversity. We come together when needed most and nothing, not race, religion, nor sexuality keep us from being there for each other in our darkest hour. We are one!

I’ve been horrified to watch the news but at the same time in awe at the miraculous work our community has accomplished and I know this work will continue. No matter how small your contribution, it all adds up, even just providing a hot meal for your neighbor. The news will tend to focus on the few individuals who took advantage of this catastrophe; don’t let that dishearten you, those individuals do not represent us as Houstonians.

So check with trusted organizations and see what you can help with, remember it doesn’t have to be money, many times just an extra set of helping hands is what is really needed. Yes many of us have insurance that should cover the monetary loss but the emotional trauma will continue. Be there with your neighbor that is trying to go through their belongings to salvage what can be saved, these items that are dear to our hearts can’t be replaced, we won’t cry over a tv set but our family photos, our memories, these we will mourn the loss of. The quicker you can get these keepsake items, photos and albums out of water and drying out the better. Don’t stack them, separate them so they can dry out. Be gentle with papers, photos, books, etc… If you have photos with damage do not just throw them out, you would be amazed at what we can do now with photo restorations. I’m here at my studio with hot coffee, sweet iced tea and a listening ear. We will get through this together, you are not alone.

Ps. Special thanks to those like Mattress Mack who saw the immediate need and took action. I still love this photo I took of him years ago, hope it makes you smile too.




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