Whether this is your first or tenth experience getting a professional headshot, it’s always nice to have a checklist of reminders on how to prepare for your Houston headshot. Here are our top color, style, and accessory tips on how to dress for your headshot. The first thing we ask our Houston headshot clients is what industry they work in.  This can greatly dictate how to dress for your Houston headshot.  For example, if you work in the finance or oil and gas industry, we might suggest something more conservative than if you were an art director or realtor!  These are general guidelines, but we also love when people bring their own personality to their headshot.  This is YOUR brand.

1. Color and Patterns (for all genders)
Solid colors are your best choice for flattering headshots. Patterns or prints can distract and date your photo. Choose mid-tone colors in blue, green, wine, and purple because tend to be universally flattering. Avoid wearing tops that are similar in color to your natural skin tone as they will blend your face into your clothes. Also, unless it’s part of your personal brand, we suggest avoiding bright red or orange because they can create a color cast on your skin. A fail-safe tip is to pick a top that accentuates your eyes.

How to dress for your headshot2. Women’s Style and Fit
Crew, boat, or narrow v-necks are always flattering and will always lay nicely. We want to be sure we can see your top after the image is cropped. If you typically wear a jacket to work, bring a couple of jacket choices, but you do not need to wear a jacket to look professional. Also, make sure your clothes fit well. Try them on a few days before your session just to check. Generally, a little snug is better than baggy and loose.

Avoid the following:

  • short sleeves or sleeveless styles (unless showing off your arms is important to your personal or professional brand)
  • low necklines
  • busy or trendy patterns or plaids
  • turtlenecks
  • shiny fabrics — no silk or satin

3. Women’s Accessories
Less is more. Keep jewelry to a minimum (unless it is your signature look). Some things to keep in mind:

Stud or small earrings are best—simple pearls, diamonds, or other gemstones.

If your signature brand is big jewelry, however, bring it along, and we’ll work together to choose the best options for your headshot.

4. Men’s Style and Fit
If you’re going business casual (specifically, no tie) bring a couple of sport coats. A sport coat without a tie is an intentional wardrobe choice. But if you wear a suit coat without a tie, it gives the impression that you are dressing “down.”

Tie = suit coat OR sport coat.
NO tie = sport coat but NOT a suit coat.

Make sure your clothes fit well. This is especially important for men’s collars, sports coats, and suit jackets. Take a look at your jacket and shirt, watching for gaps at the back of your neck and gaping between buttons. Conversely, watch that your shirt isn’t too tight, causing your neck to “protrude” over your collar−even a little bit over the collar will not look flattering in the photo. Also, be sure to tie your tie knot before you come to the studio so you can easily slip it over your head when we’re ready to get started.

Grooming tip:  Please come with hair/beard neatly groomed.  Also pay attention to nose and ear hair.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for how to dress for your Houston Headshot session! We’re happy to chat further about how to prepare for your photoshoot. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.