Las Vegas boudoir photographers

Las Vegas boudoir photographers

Whether you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas for your bachelorette party or simply for a fun getaway, you may want to consider enhancing your visit with a boudoir photo session. Boudoir photos are among the most popular ways to showcase your beauty, and can even be ideal for your significant other. After all, an intimate photo makes for a kinky and creative gift idea that your partner will cherish.

Including a boudoir photo shoot as part of your trip is simple, when you hire the Las Vegas boudoir photographers at Vivian’s Muse. We offer high quality photography packages that are both affordable and can provide a Las Vegas souvenir that is unlike anything else you’ll come across in any gift shop. At Vivian’s Muse are happy to provide our professional services to help you create a photo that is as personal and intimate as you desire.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a special type of professional photo session that is done by a skilled artist, like Julia Vie. The goal of a boudoir photo shoot is to end up with at least one or more poses that can be framed and given as a gift to your partner, or simply serve as a representation of your beauty and most flattering features.

As a highly skilled and professional photographer, Julia Vie has years of experience creating tasteful boudoir photos to empower hundreds of women, of all body types and ethnic backgrounds. This means she has the distinct ability to create the most luxurious and intimate photographs for any woman, no matter their size, shape, age or skin color. At Vivian’s Muse we know how to make you look your best and always strive to make your photos the best and most beautiful pictures you’ll ever have taken.

What to Wear

Boudoir photography sessions are meant to showcase your personality in an intimate way. You may opt to wear any type of lingerie that you choose – or you can even wear nothing at all.

The choice is yours, and Vivian’s Muse provides you with multiple options, so it’s best to think about the intended look that you are trying to achieve with your boudoir photo shoot.
You may want to get some ideas from examples from some of our past photo shoots, which are available to view on our website, or you can always contact our experts who can help guide you on the best look to fit your personality and style. Our experienced Las Vegas boudoir photographers can assist you in everything from choosing the most suitable outfit, to the theme of photographs that would best suit your needs.

Scheduling a Session

Generally, photography sessions are scheduled well in advance. However, when travel is involved, much more coordination is necessary. Keep in mind, our Las Vegas boudoir photographers are available for on-site sessions. With that said, if you’re considering a getaway photo shoot it is best to discuss it with the Vivien’s Muse professionals as early as possible.

When you’re interested in booking a boudoir photo session you should begin by requesting information through our website. Simply fill out our secure contact form and you our team will respond to discuss the details of your boudoir photography needs. Boudoir photography makes for a perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift for your significant other. When planning a photo session, be sure to allow plenty of time to review and choose photos. For more information, contact Vivian’s Muse online.


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Las Vegas boudoir photographers

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