Let’s Talk about Family Gallery Walls!

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Let’s talk about family gallery walls!

EXPERIENCE AT EVIN THAYER STUDIOSGallery walls are not only stylish and beautiful, but they are a great way to make your house feel like home. You could create these with artwork from Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.  However, the most cherish family gallery walls include a collection of family photographs through the years.

Gallery walls can be very simple with white or black frames. Or if you want to be more creative you can go with carefully coordinated “mix and match” frames. Canvas would be another great way to display a gallery wall! Click here to read more about the artwork that we specialize in.

They are also very easy to add on over the years as your family grows. There are several places in your home where a family gallery wall would work really well including a hallway, a staircase, or an entryway.

You will want to find a place in your home where your gallery wall can stand out, make it a feature, not an asset.

What’s great about a gallery wall, is that it can not only incorporate professional family photos, it can include older family photos or pieces of art you cherish. We’d love to meet with you and help you design one that you will enjoy every day!

Where We Come In

Want to save yourself the effort of finding a professional framer for your photographs? We’ve got you covered! When we create your family portraits, all of our wall art comes ready to hang and includes professional installation. We will take care of the printing, mounting, and framing of all of your final images ready for installation.

There are many websites out there that talk about the “DIY” option of family gallery wall design. Let me just tell you, as somebody that has done this in my own home it can be VERY time-consuming…not to mention frustrating to hang the pieces so there are even spaces between them. Can you say 47 holes nailed into your sheetrock? AND if you don’t hang them correctly, they will be crooked in 5 minutes.

At Evin Thayer Studios, we are experts in designing family gallery walls that will go with your existing home decor. We have a professional installer that, honestly, impresses me how efficient he is at installing multiple pieces. Let’s just say, it involves math so I stay far away!

To ensure that we can help your gallery wall flow seamlessly with the rest of your home, we ask that you provide photos and a clear image of where you wish for your photos to hang. This will give our designers an understanding of the images and space they are working with.

If you are planning on having a professional family photoshoot soon that you want to add to your wall, then our team can help you plan out color schemes, wardrobe choices, and styles that will help tie your gallery wall and new photos together.

Call the studio today at 713-524-0199 or send us an email to get a quote on your family gallery wall!


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