Marilyn Monroe

My friend, Marie Bosarge, is doing a retrospective show on the life of Marilyn Monroe. “MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects” is an hour-long musical cabaret that begins with Marilyn Monroe at her boudoir mirror, reflecting on her tumultuous life.  As told through the music she made famous as well as her own published quotes, the show is a filled with exceptional musical talent, gorgeous costuming, and creative sets and lighting that make the production a visual treat as much as a marvelous musical journey. “MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects” weaves a sizzling and satisfying set of the celebrated songs and contributions to the Great American Songbook to which Marilyn Monroe lent her unique vocal style.  The show is not only undeniably entertaining, but also clever, poignant, and illuminates Marilyn’s struggling human condition – the side of her the studio never wanted the public to see. “MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects” personifies the life of Marilyn Monroe, and exudes the true essence of Hollywood glamour. In addition to the musical cabaret, “MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects” includes a more personal look at Marilyn Monroe through a spectacular, one-of-a-kind collection of many of her personal effects. Guests will have the opportunity to be “up close and personal” to this legendary Hollywood icon. Each item tells a part of her story, shedding light on Marilyn’s truths – both mythical and mundane – to form a more comprehensive and compassionate understanding of the life and times of one of the world’s most famous faces. This whole show and exhibit is being offered to non-profits to help raise money for their cause.  If you know of anyone that might be interested in using this show as a fundraiser, contact DIVAS WORLD PRODUCTIONS at (713) 524-2854 or by email Check out some of the images I created of Marie for the Marilyn show!



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