No, I’m not retiring! Just a change of address

I’ve had a number of my friends and clients this past week contact me freaking out saying “I saw the HAR listing, you’re selling your business?! Are you retiring?! You can’t!” So I thought I better put it out there to everyone to calm any fears: While yes, I have the Avondale property up for sale, no, I’m not retiring or selling the business. I truly love what I do and I can never envision retiring. I joke to studio staff that I’ll be 100 years old and they’ll have to create a special wheelchair attachment tripod for me because I’ll never stop doing what I love.Living_Room_405_Avondale_Houston But I am looking forward to the next chapter. It seems a trend for me to move to a new studio space every 15 years or so, I feel like it gives me a fresh environment and a renewed energy. I am still staying within the loop, possibly the Heights area.405_Avondale_Office Since this is a commercial space, I have Bill Baldwin, owner of Boulevard Realty, handling the showings and open house for me. It is a beautiful, century-old home that I had completely remodeled when I purchased it, keeping in mind that while we needed to impart modern functionality, I felt the need to maintain the historic feel of the original design. In fact, it won first place ASID award in 2002 for interior design Preservation / Adaptive Reuse. It is truly an amazing piece of Houston history. I have the original article written in the Houston Daily Post when it was being built in 1912! Many friends have commented that while the space would be perfect for a boutique, law firm or other smaller scale business, but it could easily be converted back into a grand home.Houston_Photography_Studio_405_Avondale If you or someone you know may have an interest, please contact Boulevard Realty at 713-862-1600 or 800-656-7653 or you can reach out to Bill directly at 281-850-6862 and To view the listing click this link: And I absolutely love the video that was created by Evin Thayer Studios Alumnus Patrick Bertolino, he did a wonderful job in capturing the unique features of this amazing building (and you even get a glimpse of Jennifer and I in the video). Check out the video here: or click on the photo below.405_Avondale_St_Houston_TX



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