Nolan Ryan Supporting Friends For Life

Last week I photographed Major League Baseball legend Nolan Ryan.  At age 64 and standing 6’2” he is a powerful presence.  But under all that tough Texas cowboy exterior beats a heart of gold and a soft spot for all creatures.


Nolan has joined forces with Friends For Life, a No Kill animal organization here in Houston that redefines “adoptable”.  They rescue, medically treat, and place animals into loving homes. They accept animals of all breeds, all ages and in all health situations. They believe No life is disposable.  They have some unique ideas they call “thinking outside the shelter”.  Next time you are at Memorial Park (2nd Saturday of every month) check out their mobile adoption van.  While you are at the park you want to run and get exercise, they have adoptable dogs onsite and ready to run!






Friends For Life will be opening a new larger shelter in the Houston Heights.  For more information on this great animal organization check out their website





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