Please Use Selfie Control Because Your Selfie Is Hurting My Brain

Please use Selfie Control with these 12 Tips for better photos!Better_than_Selfies_Facebook_Photos_by_professional_Houston_Photographer

1. If you take a photo in the bathroom please please please be aware of your surroundings, that toilet in the background is not winning you any “cute photo” awards and guys clean your mirror (toothpaste splatter is not a cool effect)

2. If you must take a mirror reflection photo of yourself, look at the eye of the camera.  Please don’t get caught looking at your phone screen, or worse, having your phone in front of your face.

 3. Ladies, angle your body, put one foot forward of the other with a little bend in the knee (much more flattering than being square straight on to the camera)

 4. Stand up straight, shoulders back. Yes I’m talking to you tall ladies who slouch when you are photographed next to a shorter person… STOP! You are beautifully tall, show it off!

 5. Arms away from your body with a bend in the elbow (arms that are squished against your body look larger and it is not as flattering)

 6. Think about composition before taking the photo.

 7. Soft light is always best. Soft window light or in shade of a tree or building will be very flattering on your skin with no harsh sunlight or flash.

 8. Camera phones don’t do well in back lit situations, it exposes for the light behind you and makes you go dark.

 9. Hold the camera still and gently push the button to avoid camera shake.

 10. Don’t post selfies all day long. Photos of you eating aren’t so fascinating that we need to see it 5 times a day.

 11. If you decide to look cool with your shades on make sure your sunglasses are not reflecting something you don’t want seen

 12. But if you really want to have an amazing profile picture come to Evin Thayer Studios and let Houston’s #1 portrait photographer create your perfect photo 713-524-0199, prices start at just $175.

 Life is short, so ditch the selfies and enjoy every moment. The most beautiful memories happen in an instant, don’t miss out by staring at the screen on your phone. And remember that your self worth is not measured in “Likes”.


The Team at Evin Thayer Studios “Where Photography Becomes Art!”Ditch_the_Selfie_Stick_with_Professional_portraitsBirthday_photos_for_yourself



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