When you’re recovering from an injury, your first instinct might be to hide in your home and not come out until you’ve fully recovered – or ever, if you’re living with a permanent disability or disfigurement from your injury. But your life isn’t over and you simply can’t choose to cut yourself off from the world. It’s not healthy and it’s not fair for you or for the people who love you. If you’re having difficulty recovering from your injury emotionally and tackling the world outside your front door, talk to a Houston injury lawyer and a therapist about strategies you can use to help yourself heal.

Taking portraits after injury is one way many people choose to reclaim the power they felt they lost when they were injured. By boldly choosing to make themselves into focal points by taking new portraits, they demonstrate that their injuries are part of their life stories, but not their entire stories.

A Photographer can Show the World How you See Yourself

Sometimes, we need to look at ourselves from a third party perspective to really see who we are. A portrait enables you to do this. Similarly, a portrait can communicate what you think of yourself in a way that you might not be able to communicate with words.

When you meet with a photographer to discuss your portrait, tell him or her about the specific struggles you’ve faced and how you want to portray yourself in the image. Do you want to show that you’re full of life, taking opportunities as they come along? Maybe you want to show that you’re calm, reserved, and accepting of the events that unfolded. Or you might want to show that an injury hasn’t slowed you down, that you’re still able to do the activities you loved before your injury. Your photographer can suggest lighting and scene choices that communicate each of these, like creating a portrait that shows you in motion, doing what you love.

Healing Emotionally through Photography

Portraiture is a powerful way to help yourself heal emotionally after an injury, whether you choose to have photographs taken or to draw your own self-portraits.

A good portrait creates an emotion. Don’t underestimate how much an injury can impact you emotionally – suffering an injury is a big setback, and it’s natural to be affected emotionally and psychologically as well as physically.

An Updated Family Portrait Showcases Who you are in the Current Moment

Families update their family portraits regularly for a variety of reasons. Some do it to show how their families change over the years as their children grow up. It’s also common for newly married couples to have portraits taken to showcase their new, blended families. For you, updating your family portrait to show how your injury changed you physically can be a way to communicate that you’re not afraid to be seen in a wheelchair or with another assistive device and that instead, you’re proud of how you overcame the limits your injury placed on your life.

Guest Blog written by Erik Hill of Baumgartner Law Firm