Portraits Are A Photographic Love Letter

Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Couples Photography; Valentines Photography; Husband and Wife Photography;When you take a photo and give it to someone, what you are actually giving is the perfect love letter. Taking the time to do something this personal and special shows the thoughtfulness and love you have for them. Your loved ones cherish you more than any thing you could purchase for them; your beautiful face in a photo will be one of their most treasured possessions for the rest of their life. And it is a keepsake that will always represent love.

A client just brought her children in to my studio for portraits because she wanted to give them to her husband for a Valentine’s Day gift. When I told her that was the most beautiful love letter she could have given and that this portrait of his children’s smiling faces will put a smile on his face every day she knew she’d made the right choice. A personal portrait is one of the most cherished things someone can own and a photograph is timeless.

Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Mother and Daughter Photography; Valentines Photography


Two weeks ago a beautiful couple did portraits together in my studio and I am creating an elegant album for them. They were photographed in variety of outfits and poses, with some very intimate shots that really capture the love and tenderness they share with one another. This is a moment in time they will always cherish.

So please don’t delay, show that special person or persons in your life how much you care, whether it’s a photo of the children, of the pets, or of yourself. And before you mentally talk yourself out of being photographed because of weight gain, let me stop you right there. My magic thin lens never disappoints, and I promise you will love your portraits! Besides it’s only ourselves who stress about personal flaws; to our loved ones we are perfect!Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Mother and Daughter Photography; Valentines Photography; Generational Photography;

Chocolates and flowers are wonderful gifts any time of year but portraits are unique and give a lifetime of joy! You can give the gift of a portrait or you can also ask for a photographic portrait from your loved ones. Quite a few grandmothers I know request portraits of their children and grandchildren every year for Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas or other holiday gifts because this is something they can’t go and purchase for themselves, it has to come from you and they know it takes some planning but it is what they want so much because they don’t get to see all of their family as often as they would like. We have gift certificates available all year round and many a sharp relative will give these to ensure their loved ones don’t procrastinate on giving them a portrait.Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Family Photography; Valentines Photography; Father and Daughter Photography;

So call me personally today and let’s plan your perfect photographic love letter or schedule a time to meet one on one, or if you’re in need of inspiration we can meet at my Houston portrait studio to look at a sample selection of current studio portraits and albums. And as always, I love doing home and outdoor portraits as well. Whatever your perfect love letter is, let’s create it today. Call 713-524-0199Evin Thayer Photography; Houston Photography; Professional Photography; Mother and Daughter Photography; Valentines Photography; Geberational Photography;



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