Portraits in the Houston Bluebonnets

It’s that most iconic Texas time of year again… Bluebonnet season! As a child I was always in awe of these beautiful blooms that were so short lived and as an adult I still have the snapshots in my mind of my grandmother’s yard filled with these wonders. Besides their vibrant color I suppose their short season of wild flower bloom is one of the many reasons bluebonnets hold such a special place in our hearts.

I just read in the Houston Chronicle today that due to all the rain we had we should have amazing blooms this season. Check out the article here: http://www.chron.com/news/article/Bluebonnet-bumper-crop-lures-Texas-sightseers-6167990.php

Because the blooming season of our beloved bluebonnets will be over so quickly, I encourage you to call my studio today to get on our Bluebonnet Session schedule. 713-524-0199 We are scheduling in the afternoons due to the perfect warm golden light that really makes the bluebonnet colors pop and this also helps us avoid the harsh mid day light that causes squinting of the eyes.

So let’s capture those beautiful Texas bluebonnet portraits; family photos, child and baby portraits or even our furry family members showing off their elegant coats with their perfect pet portrait in the wildflowers!

If you are going to take photos yourself please use these Bluebonnet photo safety tips:

  1. Highways and roads are busy and it’s very dangerous to pull off on the shoulder to try to snap photos, so check out Houston bluebonnet hotspots that are safe and legal to photograph at.
  2. Watch where you step and be especially aware of your surroundings before sending your children or pets into the wildflowers.
  3. Having the sun to your child or pet’s back will help avoid squinting eyes.
  4. Morning time is pretty light but our lovely Texas dew will make things a little wet so better to wait until later in afternoon; this will also give you the warm golden afternoon light.
  5. But to get the best portraits possible let Evin Thayer create your perfect Bluebonnet portrait!

So call our studio Today to schedule your April Bluebonnet Session! 713-524-0199 Portraits_Houston_Bluebonnets



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