People will say to me, “Make sure you “air brush” my face.”  Now days, that terminology is incorrect.  Of course, when we retouch a photograph, it goes through several processes before we are finished.  In the old days “a retouching gun” was used that sprayed paint on to the photograph to hide imperfections. Now days we change the pixels in a photograph on a computer to smooth out skin and remove lines.  The great thing is that we can do many more things now than ever before.  Not only can we remove lines and blemishes but we can reduce waist lines, make you loose 20 pounds, remove double chins, improve eyes, even remove items that are distracting in the background.  So even though we don’t “air brush” any more, the fine art of retouching is at the highest level ever!  Discuss with your photographer what you want done on your photograph.  Chances are it can be done with all the new creative tools at our disposal! Before and After