Having watched your little one grow into a young adult, about to graduate and possibly leave the nest for the first time—it’s a moment to remember. Commemorate this time with senior portraits that best shows off their personality, quirkiness, creativity, and soul.


You can choose among your favorite locations for your high school senior portraits – like the mural walls, downtown Houston or the scenic arboretum.

We also offer in-studio or at-home sessions as well and can provide wardrobe styling, hair, and makeup, a catered lunch, and just make a whole day of it together.

Check out this blog we wrote on the best outdoor location for your Houston photoshoot!

Houston Senior Portraits

Allison Wilkins McPhail is a very talented photographer. I could not be happier with how my son’s senior portraits and graduation announcements turned out. I appreciate how much time and effort she put into her work, including scoping out potential photo locations in advance and patiently creating several different drafts of the graduation announcement until we got it just right. Highly recommended!”

-Michael A.


We have a variety of options to display and preserve the memories from your graduation photoshoot with wall art, timeless albums, or small prints for your home, office, or to give as gifts for family and friends.

Some of our most popular products for our Houston senior portraits are:

  • Albums
  • Framed Wall Gallery
  • Digital Photo App

You’ll also receive the digital files with each image you purchase so they can share their awesome new pics on social. 

Senior Photoshoot Mobile app

I had such a good time during my senior session. It was so fun to get dressed up and have my hair and make-up done. Since my prom was cancelled, this was a perfect way to show off my dress! My grandma cried when I showed her the album that she did for me!



We always begin every client relationship with the end results in mind – a tangible art piece for your home. While all of our families go home with digital images, it’s another issue to try to do something beautiful with them. Why hire a professional if the files will just collect digital dust? On top of that, digital files are not archival and will not last, eventually corrupting.

At Evin Thayer Studios, we hold your hand every step of the way to create gorgeous albums and wall art for you that complement your home and pay tribute to your family’s love. Products with once-in-a-lifetime imagery that represent the reasons we live for.

How it Works

Custom Planning

To help create your dream session, we’ll connect with a discovery phone call, and invite you for a 30 minute complimentary style and concept consultation.

Portrait Session

Portraits are perfect for just you OR enjoy the session with your family, mom, daughter, sister, or love of your life!
Who will you bring?

The Big Reveal

This is our favorite part! At your ordering appointment, we’ll present custom wall art design and jaw dropping images. 

Some Common Questions

What should I wear for a graduate portrait session?

We usually suggest that our seniors bring 3-5 outfit changes that include a variety of outfits. These outfits usually include cap and gown, a formal look, a casual look, and if your plan is to pursue higher education after high school, a look using your future school’s colors or logo. If you were involved in athletics and would like to include a sports look, we can do that as well! Overall, feeling comfortable, confident, and true to your personality is the most important thing when choosing what to wear for your senior graduation photoshoot!

How many outfit changes can I bring to my senior session?

We don’t have a limit to the amount of outfit changes you can bring, but don’t bring your whole closet! We typically recommend bringing 3-5 outfit changes to get the best variety of looks for your session. We can discuss the wardrobe of your photoshoot in a consultation prior to your session.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my graduation photoshoot?

Yes! Doing a senior photoshoot can seem a bit intimidating. If bringing a friend or family member will help you loosen up and feel more comfortable, they are more than welcome to come! Sometimes having someone there who will make you smile and laugh will bring out your genuine smile and result in the best shots. They can even join you in some of the photos!

How far in advanced should I book a graduate portrait session?

We recommend booking your session about two weeks in advance. We don’t want you to feel rushed at any point in this process. We want to make sure that we have enough time to consult and go over outfits and locations, and that you have enough time to shop and plan hair, nails, or makeup appointments if you wish to do that. If you have any questions about scheduling your senior session, contact us here!

Can I take pictures at different Houston locations?

Of course! We love it when our seniors pick their favorite locations around town! A lot of our seniors choose our combo session package that includes photoshoots in the studio and on location. If you have a certain vision or concept and need help looking for a location, let us know and we will scout locations for you! Find some location inspiration for your senior photoshoot here!