The Beauty of Being a Child

The Beauty of Being a ChildSpring_baby_portraits


We love the opportunity to photograph children at Evin Thayer Studios; they remind us all of simpler times when everything was a new and exciting discovery!Easter_Portraits_in_cute_Sunday_Dresses

Today it doesn’t matter whether you’re a company CEO or an “at-home parent”. Our days are filled with chores and responsibilities…grown-ups work, work, and then work some more!

When was the last time you basked in a sunbeam streaming through your living room window? When did you last take the time to look at a flower…to really look at a flower? Did you notice the shape of the petals, the marvelous shades of color or even hold that wonder in your hand?Houston_Easter_egg_hunt_photos

In the back of our minds we all remember being happy just to see a red ball or marveling at the magic of soap bubbles floating in the air. These moments of magic in our lives make us thankful…let Evin Thayer Studio’s help you preserve and share that wonder-filled time!Brothers_photographed_in_radio_flyer_wagon

Schedule a free consultation with Evin to plan the details, call 713-524-0199. During this one-on-one meeting you will view Evin’s newest samples of child and baby portraiture. Select the perfect setting for your child’s portrait! The possibilities are endless but some examples are: outdoor fun at the park or beach, traditional studio canvas background, contemporary studio such as crisp clean simple white background, home portraits that reflect the comfort of your surroundings, or whimsical portraits of your child on the playground.

Here are some photography tips to keep in mind:

  1. Select the time of day your child feels best
  2. Determine if the clothing will be casual or dressy, and remember bare feet can be very cute, their little fingers and toes are so adorable.
  3. Newborns: Remember they only focus in on things 3 feet or closer. Keep them warm and comfortable and near their parent. They react to happy voices and light tickle touch.
  4. Children 1 to 2 years: They have a short attention window and want to be moving at all times. So to catch their attention and capture their natural expressions, we sing songs, make silly faces and sounds; mainly we just have fun playtime.
  5. Children 3 to 5 years: Evin and his assistants are masters at making silly jokes and fun word games (the children’s parents are usually laughing at all the ridiculous fun)
  6. Never tell a child to smile! You will only get weird forced expressions. We just act silly and play with a child to get their natural laughter and smiles.
  7. Have FUN! Children can sense when their parent is stressed and that can affect their reaction. So RELAX! Get ready to laugh, smile and have some wonderful photographs!Cousins_photographed_in_spring_outfits



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