The Real Awesome Dads of Houston Father’s Day Gift Guide

You’ll see lots of Father’s Day gift guides popping up in your news feeds and emails but let me just start by saying Texans have our own rules! So check out what “The Real Awesome Dads of Houston” want this year to make them feel like King for a Day, every day.

  1. Steak! Yep, we love a good steak dinner. And Houston has plenty of great options: Fleming’s, Vic & Anthony’s, Brenner’s on the Bayou, Perry’s, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, and the list goes on and on because this is Houston and Houstonians enjoy great meals!
  2. Man Chair Time. This sounds too simple but our weekends get sucked up mowing our lawn, running errands, etc.… One of the best gifts kids can give is doing some extra chores so that Dad can sit back with his favorite drink and just chill.
  3. Gadgets! You’ve heard the saying the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, well it’s true. If you’re not sure what gadget dad would like then just get him a nice gift card to his favorite store. If he’s an outdoorsman there is Bass Pro Shops, Academy, REI, etc.
  4. Spa treatment, hey guys like to be pampered too! One of the best ways to spoil us is to set us up an appointment of relaxation; hot towel shave, pedicure, and full body massage… YES!
  5. Fun activity with the family. Every day we work hard to make our family’s life better, it is nice to have quality time enjoying the good life with our loved ones. So whether it’s playing Dad’s favorite board game, tennis match, reservation for K1 Speed racing (yes we are oversized kids, no surprise), or hitting the beach or nature trails; make it a “no tech” family day by putting away the phones and iPads and spend time actually BEING together as a family.
  6. Tickets to our favorite sporting event. Sunday matinee Astros games are still the best!
  7. Lazy Sunday “Nap” Time with Spouse. I know seems like tmi, but I’ve had friends complain that with kids in the house the only alone time they get as a couple is after the kids are asleep and by that time they are exhausted too. You have to spend quality time with your spouse or you’ll become roommates rather than partners. This may take some planning, getting the kids out of the house for a playdate with friends or hanging out at grandma or auntie’s house, but this can be THE most important thing you can do for your marriage. Even if all you do is hold each other and really do take a nap.
  8. Framed family photo for his office. We spend most of our waking hours at work, it’s nice to look over and see the smiling faces of the ones we love. It keeps our spirits up even on tough days. So call us to plan details for your family’s photo session or stop by the studio for a gift certificate, 713-524-0199



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