They Grow Up So Fast!

We feel so honored to watch our client’s families grow and change through the years. Many of our clients call to share exciting news of engagements, new baby arrivals, new homes, etc… because they feel like we are a part of their family and want to share their joy of a new beginning. We’ve been lucky enough to photograph many of our Houston families for over 30 years, and being able to document those special moments really has put us in a very special place; when we see each other again it is like catching up with a family member. We have a countless number that we do consider Evin Thayer Studios family. And one of those I just had the joy of photographing was a set of triplet boys who are just adorable. We’ve been photographing them since they were babies and each time is just filled with laughter. The laughter of children is the greatest sound at the studio and it brightens our days. Looking at these freeze frames of time gives you that hint of sadness of how fast they truly do grow up. This is why portraits are so important for everyone. A favorite thing for me has always been to flip through photo albums through the years to rekindle those moments of laughter and joy. Especially laughing at the hairstyles through the decades (oh the 70’s perm… how hip it was!). But in all seriousness, our photos connect us to those moments in time. We are visual creatures and looking at one snapshot can pull up a multitude of memories and warm our hearts. So don’t delay, call our studio to plan your portrait session and let’s create new memories to be cherished for a lifetime! Evin Thayer Studios is still located in the historic Avondale district in a home that is over 100 years old. Stop by for tea, coffee and good conversation. Call 713-524-0199 Evin_Thayer_Studios_Birthday_Club_discount_photography_plan



Outdoor family portraits in January? It's Houston... 🤣take advantage of our randomly gorgeous January weather days! ☀️ ...

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