Can you help us with posing?

Have that “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” problem? No worries! I have tons of tools in my back pocket and am happy to help everyone pose and look their best in your family portrait!

How soon can we see our photos?

We always offer an immediate image review after each session. If reviewing your family portraits on the same day doesn’t work with your schedule or your kids and/or fur babies are ready to go home, we can always reschedule the image selection process.

Can we include our family pet in the photoshoot?

A family portrait isn’t complete without your furry or feathered family members! If you are worried about how your pet will behave in the studio, try taking them out somewhere in public like a park or outdoor café. If they do well there, they should be fine and are...

What do we wear for a family session?

Planning what you and your family will wear can be stressful, and we are happy to help you figure out what to wear in our planning session prior to the photoshoot. What you and your family will wear depends on many different things, like the location of the shoot, the...

How far in advanced should I book a family session?

Because we like to have consultations in person or via Zoom with families for planning purposes, we recommend booking your session about two weeks in advance. For family portraits during the holiday season, we recommend scheduling a month in advance, especially if you...