What Grandmother really wants for her Mother’s Day Gift

What does Grandmother want for Mother’s Day? Portraits of her beautiful children and grandchildren of course! All parents want to be surrounded by their families, but when the kids and loved ones have moved away photos help us to stay connected.

Having family portraits and photos at your home and office put a smile on your face every day. We are truly a global society, many times finding ourselves on the other side of the world from our loved ones. Even short distances can be difficult with how hectic our lives are today, so we try to spend as much time as possible being with our family through whatever mode we can.

Technology has helped tremendously (even if some of us in the more mature range have a little bit of a learning curve when dealing with FaceTime and Skype, we do our best)! We have a lot more tools today with Facebook, Instagram and email, but nothing replaces receiving photos of those smiling faces we love.

Too many people I know don’t back up their photos on hard drives or other method and they are not printing out those photos. It feels like such a great sadness for this generation to have the most access to having photos and yet failing miserably at preserving those treasures.

There is something very special about pulling out old photo albums and flipping the pages to cherish all those times of togetherness. And please keep in mind that just because you post something on Facebook, mom really can’t use that resolution quality for a printed portrait, so take the time to show you care by giving her professional prints! Need ideas for your session?

Just email us to schedule a free consultation and we’ll come up with something special for you and your family! Or, if you are wanting to give the gift of a portrait session to someone like your sister, wife, mom, etc… just stop by for one of our gift certificates in my signature red Evin box!



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