Why are Family Portraits Important?

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Five Things to Think about when deciding to scheduling Houston Family Portraits

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Undoubtedly there are a million reasons you could come up with to not bother scheduling a family portraits session. And look, we get it. Life is busy and totally weird right now, especially. So you may be wondering, “Is this something I should really be thinking about right now?” Well, depending on how you feel about the questions below, the answer just might be “yes.”  As the premier Houston family photographer, we’d love to talk to you and help you design your perfect family photo shoot.   

  1. Are there things about your family right now that you would like to remember?

Do you have toddlers that live in their (pjs, superhero costumes, rain boots)? Do you want to document that perfect teenage eye-roll? The dynamic of your family is evolving all the time. Years from now, you’ll want to look back and remember the way you all are together, right now… and there’s no better way to do that than with professional photography.

  1. Is something in your family about to change?

Are you expecting a new member of your family?  Do you have a new family pet?   Do you have a senior that’s about to leave for college? Perhaps your family is a beach-loving crowd, and you’ve recently realized that you only have a few precious annual summer beach trips left before your kids leave the nest.  Now would be a perfect time to schedule a Galveston family session!

Making time to bring everyone together, no matter how much of a hassle it may seem in the moment, is totally worth it. 

  1. Have you thought about your legacy?

When we think of “leaving a legacy behind” we may jump to things of financial value or lessons learned. While those certainly are great, you may also consider legacy in the form of visual memories that live on forever. You know those made-for-movie moments when you’re sitting with your future son- or daughter-in-law and showing off their soon-to-be spouse’s baby photos. Or looking back on the evolution of your first born or your grandkids. Being able to show generations of family members together at a perfect moment in time. There’s no value that can be placed on that type of forever-legacy.

  1. Have you been staring at a blank wall and feel like it needs a family photo?

There’s nothing quite like beautifully crafted imagery to showcase the love your family shares, throughout your home. Perfect as living room centerpieces, stairway wall art, and framed portraiture in the office. Unique to your family and custom in every way, your family photographs make for the perfect touch in any home decor. 

  1. Would you like your kids to have a daily reminder of how important they are to you, and to build their self-esteem?

Mom and girls photoshootStudies now show us that displaying photos of our children throughout our home increases their confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. “[It] sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,“ says Cathy Lander-Goldberg, a licensed clinical social worker and a professional photographer out of St. Louis, Missouri. Further studies have shown that displaying photos of our children, especially within the family unit, provides  a sense of comfort and reassurance that they ‘belong.’

Click here to read more about how family photography can boost your child’s self esteem.

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions above then family portraits may be right for you. Let the premier Houston Family Photography studio honor those milestones, memories, and growth of your family while creating beautiful art for your home and elevating your child’s well-being. CLICK HERE to learn more and connect with our studio today. 



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