Why You Actually Need A Personal Branding Photography Session Instead Of A Headshot

Downtown branding photoshoot for pianist

Houston in studio therapist photoshootSo what is personal branding photography and why do you need it? What do you do when you need professional-looking images to convey to clients what your business is about?

Your first protocol may be to pull out your phone and make an attempt at headshots. But there is a better method for making that all-important connection with your clients.

That is a personal branding photography session.

The Difference Between Headshots and Personal Branding

The objective of headshots is to show your physical appearance.

In some cases, you may show a range of emotions (especially if you are in the entertainment industry), but very rarely do headshots give clients a real sense of who you are.

Personal branding photography sessions aim to show who you are, what you stand for, and what you and your brand are all about.

Why Choose Us For Your Branding Photography

A brand photoshoot is all about making you look and feel confident. After all, clients that see your branding images will immediately get a sense of who you are.

To make sure that you communicate your target message in every image, we will set up a design and planning consultation.

During this meeting, we will make a plan on how best to communicate your brand with locations, props and wardrobe.  If this is your first time having a personal branding photoshoot, don’t fret.  Our goal is for you to have a fun and stress-free experience!

Allison, our lead photographer, will take the weight off your shoulders and guide you through the whole process.

Houston woman lawyer photo in nice officeHow To Make The Most Of Your Photoshoot

You should begin by thinking about the image you want to communicate. Together, we will make a plan on how we are going to translate that message visually.

Things to think about in advance:

  • Location
  • Colors
  • Clothing choice
  • Props

Any thoughts about your photoshoot will be discussed and planned to ensure the best image outcome possible.

During our planning meeting, Allison will help you come up with various ideas to get a feel for how you to present yourself in the photos.

Allison will then offer you some ideas and creative directions that you can choose from to get inspired.

Once we have decided the way you want to go, our team can collaborate and work together to deliver professional images on the day of the shoot.

What To Do With Your Final Images

Whether you add to your online blog, flesh out your social media presence or use as your very first book cover, the photos from your personal branding session should be used to market you and your brand to an intended audience.

Contact us today for more details!


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